OBOR, CPEC and India

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China has come out a grand vision of world connectivity. In One Belt One Road summit held in Beijing on May, 2017, Chinese President shared his grand vision of interconnected world. As part of the plan China will invest 124 billion dollars towards building of road, rail and sea networks connecting Asia with Europe, Africa and beyond. As many as 29 countries from all continents participated in the meeting. Many were represented by heads of states, which included President of Russia, President of Turkey, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Other countries had sent their senior ministers. Many countries in Indian neighborhood, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka also participated in the meeting.  India had abstained from the meeting.

The opinion on Indian decision to abstain has been mixed. Mr. Manishankar Aiyer has written that India has isolated herself by not attending the meeting. While, others have supported…

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My story

I shall win the world
I shall win the world
Akshay Kumar--my filmi idol
Hello, I am Saurabh chandaliya. My age is 14 years, and live in Naigaon East, of Thane district ( Pin code-401208). Name of my father is Dharmendra, and mother, Asha. My village is very beautiful. creekI am blessed with both hills and sea. A beautiful creek flows past my village, and all around there are hills. Everywhere you can see lush green places. Place is very thinly populated unlike the crowed infested big city of Mumbai. My village is free from pollution, full of oxygen—you can breathe fresh air, and physical illnesses will run away in a flick of second as soon as you drop in my place.
All the people in my village are very good. We live in peace and harmony, everybody helps everybody else. We have a secondary school, and the name of the schools is SHANTI GOVIND HIGH SCHOOL. Teachers are very good and caring. We get individual attention from our teacher. My most favourite teacher is the Hindi teacher, his name is Pankaj pande. I am very close to him. All other teachers are also very good. Smt Yojana Patil is our principal. Her hard work has brought glory to school. Soon class XI and XII will start.My school
I have many good friends, but my ‘best friends’ are Anand and Rohit.
Although my parents are not rich, I have an ambition to come great in life. I want to be an astronaut like the great Rakesh Sharma. He is my role model, I am expecting a day when I shall be able to travel to other planets. Rakesh sharmaOne Saurav ( Ganguly) went to be a world famous cricketer, and this Saurabh chandaliya will go to become a world famous astronaut. That has to be, no chance to fail because Saurabh means good smell which spreads in air far and wide to make everybody around happy. Bless me!!!!!!